The World Petroleum Council has been consistently and successfully cultivating a close and friendly attitude to the topic of young professionals coming to the industry. The WPC initiated an International Youth Forum. It was held in October 2004 in China. The main idea was clearly defined by the motto of the forum: "Youth and Innovation – the Future of the Petroleum Industry".

It was the first major event in the history of the WPC, where young people were given the leading role. Boys and girls who tied their fates with the oil and gas industry got an opportunity to represent different countries and freely exchange their views. Their voices were heard by industry leaders. The speeches of authoritative representatives of the oil and gas industry who came to communicate with young people were very useful and informative.

Since then, the issues of professional development and unleashing the creative potential of the young specialists of the industry have been permanently put on the agenda for the World Petroleum Council as one of the key directions for the development of international cooperation oriented towards a strategic perspective. Youth forums have become regular. They are held in the year preceding the Congresses. The professional problems discussed by the youth are becoming a kind of prologue to the great discussion within the global energy agenda.

After Beijing, the forums of young specialists in the oil and gas industry were held in Paris (France) and New Delhi (India). The fourth WPC Youth Forum was held in 2013 in Calgary (Canada). Three years later, in the fall of 2016, young men and women with an active professional position were welcomed in Brazilian Rio de Janeiro - for the first time, as the Forum of Future Leaders.

The decision of holding the 6th Youth Forum of the WPC in St. Petersburg was made unanimously by the results of the WPC meeting in Istanbul on July 9th, 2017. On April 13, 2018, in Oslo, an Official Ceremony of signing a contract between the RNC WPC Association and the WPC was held to organize the 6th Future Leaders Forum in St. Petersburg.

The 6th Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council – Future Leaders Forum worked in St. Petersburg on June 23 - 28, 2019. The Forum was attended by more than 1300 representatives of the oil and gas industry from 62 countries. The high professional level of the discussions was predetermined by the unique composition of the speakers — most of the 235 speakers have extensive practical experience in leading oil and gas companies or are eminent experts. Ministerial delegations from five countries arrived to communicate with young professionals.

VII WPC Youth Forum will be held in Kazakhstan in 2022.

WPC Youth Forums

2004 - Beijing, China

2009 - Paris, France

2010 - New Delhi, India

2013 - Calgary, Canada

2016 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2019 - Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2022 – Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan