The youth agenda has become one of the key topics of focus for the WPC recently – a little over 15 years ago. Perhaps at that time the generational shift in the oil and gas industry was perceived as a very significant issue for the industry.

The World Petroleum Council has been busy attracting the attention of young people to the oil and gas industry, supporting the positive aspirations of youth, helping them realize their creative potential and pointing their energy into constructive directions. In particular, Young Professionals' Committee has been established, youth sessions have appeared in the programmes of the World Petroleum Congresses, and the WPC Youth Forums have been held since 2004.

Russian National Committee of the WPC supported the initiative of the World Petroleum Council. The Association also pays a lot of attention to youth. Youth Committee of the Russian National Committee of the WPC has been established and is active. Russian delegations have participated in all the WPC Youth Forums. In June 2019 the Association organised and hosted the VI WPC Youth Forum – Future Leaders Forum in St. Petersburg.

The results of the Future Leaders Forum confirmed the high relevance of the youth agenda for the oil and gas industry. Taking into account the experience gained from organising this large-scale event, the Association has developed and is implementing a complex “Energy League” programme. Its main idea: to help attract talented and initiative young people into the industry, and to assist their professional training and career development.

The multi-stage work with the youth audience initiated by RNC of the WPC starts with the organisation of introductory sessions for high school students at “EnerGenious” Winter schools, their participation in the “EnerGenious” case-marathon, continues in the student environment in the formats of scientific conferences, mentoring programme, internships and work placements using the “PetroStage” online platform, educational trips, “Golden legacy of the WPC” scholarships, grants.

“Energy League” programme continues to develop. The initiative was supported by representatives of federal and regional authorities, leading Russian oil and gas companies, and the heads of specialized universities.