WPC 4th MENTORING PROGRAMME: May 2018-Dec 2020


The WPC YP Committee’s (YC) mission focuses on bridging the generation gap through mentorship networks. In October 2010, the WPC launched a “Pilot Mentoring Programme”, run between August and December 2011. Catherine MacGregor, Special Advisor on Youth and Gender to the WPC Executive Committee supported the initiative and building on the success of the pilot, the WPC EC decided to continue the Programme.

During the last cycle (2014-2017), 14 mentors (10 countries) and 56 mentees (21 countries) participated to the two phases of the WPC Mentoring Programme in 14 Mentoring circles (groups), fostering a regular and valuable intergenerational dialogue between students, young professionals and industry leaders.

Though the Committee identified opportunities for improvements, the positive feedback received by both mentors and mentees in Istanbul calls for the launch of the


  • Bridging senior and young people with diverse, international experiences from different cultures;
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with open dialogue (interactive, informal discussions);
  • Generating content and interactions for WPC events and publications;
  • Building a global networking platform for professional development and WPC promotion.

Main deliverables

  • Successful and impactful Mentoring Programme.
  • Mentoring Programme Statement and Guidelines (appendix 3), to be delivered before the Programme starts (i.e by May 2018).
  • Inputs for the YP Magazine, FLF and Congress Programme.
  • Return on experience based on biannual surveys and regular follow up calls.

If the Programme is successful and the pool of non-allocated mentees remains significant, the Programme team may launch a quarterly virtual Mentoring session open to all the WPC audience with short presentation from experienced industry leaders followed by Q&A./p>


Kick off meeting – Steering Committee and Programme Team align on the Programme statement and launch the recruitment of mentors and mentees (February 2018).

1. Recruitment campaign – Potential mentors and mentees are notified about the opportunity and submit their application to the Programme Team (March – April 2018):

  • 1 month: call for application sent through the national committee;
  • 1 month screening and selection process (review of CV; Cover letter; Call 10’min).

The screening will be done based on previous engagement for the World Petroleum Council, profile analysis (CV and cover letter), articles and references, involvement in other networks and other activities (draft of matrix in appendix 1).

2. Launch of the Programme – The Mentoring Circles are constituted and approved by the Steering Committee (by May 2018).

3. Midterm review – performance assessment and reporting to EC at FLF (June 2019).

4. Mentoring Meeting at FLF (mid-cycle review) – Mentors and mentees are invited to meet at FLF in Saint Petersburg (June 2019). The mentors and mentees can decide to step out or continue till the Congress (step 6).

5. Closing and Mentoring Meeting at WPC – Mentors and mentees meet at WPC in Houston and report back on their experience (December 2019), received a certificate of recognition (see appreciation) and fill a feedback survey.