What WPC Mentorship Program Gave to Me
Acquaintance with program

In 2014, I was a member of organizing committee of the 21st World Petroleum Congress. I remember that time Vlada Streletskaya, Head of Volunteer and Youth programs, suggested all Gubkin University students to fill a form on participation in the Mentorship program. Without hesitation, I sent my application. What was my surprise, when I received the message that my mentor is the World Petroleum Council (WPC) President Dr. Jozsef Toth! Together with me, our team included three more participants from England, Germany and India. Dr. Toth greeted us in the first letter, asked to send the CV and specify interesting subjects.

About our mentor

Dr. Toth is the consummate professional, very diplomatic and wise person with great life experience and tremendous career path. In addition to consideration on planned topics he gave us his life stories, always expressed his point of view and spoke with us simply and intelligibly. He could ask: “How are your holidays?” or “What is the subject of your thesis?” In my opinion, Dr. Toth is a master of transfer of complex concepts in simple words.

Skype calls

Our group had a wide range of topics covered: industry and career, challenges and opportunities, and life in general. Frankly speaking, it was scary for me to take part in the very first call. Scary interesting, like an adrenaline rush. On the one hand, you understand that there is WPC President in your Skype, and you are afraid to tell something wrong. On the other hand, you remember the aim the program created for – to impart knowledge and experience, communicate, ask questions and receive replies. Each call was a challenge for me. The challenge to my knowledge and English language communication, challenge to the future. During our conversations, I understood that there are a number of issues, that I should work on. At the same time, Dr. Toth created a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Before stating his point of view, he attentively listened to us, then explained, and, if necessary, repeated.

Program formula

Knowledge and mentor advice + team + motivation = opportunities

I think that this formula can explain the action mechanism of the Mentorship program. We gain new knowledge and an assessment by the mentor of these or those facts and events, take advices and also communicate in the international team, which can not but motivate. All these are new opportunities, which are beyond the scope of educational program or working hours of company.


WPC Mentorship program opens new horizons and breaks off templates. The program, in which everything is possible. The program, which is the real bridge between generations. The project, that definitely has great potential. I am very grateful to our mentor Dr. Jozsef Toth and team members – Yasmine Dialdas, Lisa Endert and Abhay Sharma – for invaluable experience, and to WPC Youth Committee representatives (Varsha More and Anna Illarionova) for giving us the opportunity to feel like members of “WPC Family”.

Alexey Vikhrov, participant of the 2015-2017 WPC Mentorship program, PhD student, Assistant at the Department of industrial safety and environment protection of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University).