Expert work plays an important role in the activities of the Association “Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council” aimed at innovative development of the oil and gas industry, rational subsoil use, expansion of international cooperation and promotion of Russia's interests in the global energy system.

The organiser and coordinator of the expert work is the Programme Committee, formed by RNC of the WPC from leading specialists and authoritative scientists of the country's oil and gas industry, recommended by member organisations of the Association.

Programme Committee members and engaged experts analyse trends in the global energy system, the needs and opportunities of the Russian oil and gas industry and the country's economy. Expert work includes preparing reports, reviews and organising their discussion. An important component of this work is the promotion of information exchange between industry science and business.

The results of the studies are taken into account by the Association when formulating proposals for the World Petroleum Council, federal and regional authorities. Expert support makes it possible to increase the relevance and efficiency of participation of the Association's representatives in the World Petroleum Council and other events. Expert recommendations help focus the topics of discussions organised by the RNC of the WPC on the key points of the current agenda.

In 2021, the main focus of the RNC of the WPC expert work is to prepare proposals to update the programme of the 23rd World Petroleum Congress and to assist the Russian participants in preparing reports that would be interesting for the participants of the most authoritative international meeting of oil workers.


9.11.2021 14:28

16 Russians will compete for the positions of the Forum Officers at 24th World Petroleum Congress

2.06.2021 14:12

Strong centre of expertise has been established at RNC of the WPC

20.01.2021 15:45

RNC of the WPC Programme Committee is chaired by Academician Nekipelov

7.09.2020 14:08

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation awarded RNC of the WPC Experts

20.05.2020 11:08

World Petroleum Council Expert Workshops

9.02.2020 15:01

RNC of the WPC discusses the draft of Energy Strategy – 2035

29.01.2019 20:50

Call for Papers of the Future Leaders Forum – New Opportunities