The RNC WPC Association has been operating since 1958 (originally called the USSR National Oil Committee and the Soviet National Committee for Participation in World Petroleum Congresses).

The objectives of the RNC WPC activity are following:

  • Upholding the interests of the oil and gas complex of the Russian Federation in the international organization “World Petroleum Council" through active activities within its regulations and taking into account the interests of other WPC member countries;
  • Assistance in the development of the Russian oil and gas industry, oil refining and petrochemical sciences, increasing the science intensity of Russian production;
  • Every possible contribution to the achievement of noble goals, declared by the WPC Constitution (Statute).

Main tasks to be solved:

  • Analysis of short-term and long-term interests of Russian industries in the development and application of scientific achievements for the rational use of Russia’s oil resources;
  • Assistance in the implementation of these interests through participation in the World Petroleum Congresses and other WPC events, as well as through the organization of international and Russian scientific and technical events.

RNC activities are:

  • Analysis and definition of the oil and gas topics relevant to the Government of the Russian Federation, with a view to discussing and searching for solutions on communicative platforms of different levels and types;
  • Assistance in the development of innovative activities in the energy sector of Russia.
  • Analyzing the subject of the oil industry for relevance, lobbying for the inclusion of these topics in the program of WPC Congresses, forums and seminars work on the preparation and holding of World Petroleum Congresses, including direct participation in the formation of congress’ programs;
  • Selection and provision of reports by Russian scientists and specialists, the formation of representative Russian delegations.
  • Nomination of representatives of Russia to the leading positions in the World Petroleum Council.

RNC WPC twice successfully organized World Petroleum Congresses: the 8th in 1971 and the 21st in 2014. Following the meeting of the World Petroleum Council (July 09, 2017g, Istanbul), the venue for the 6th Future Leaders Forum of the World Petroleum Council was chosen St. Petersburg.

As a result of the successful 21st WPC, a fund was set up to support socially important programs. In connection with this, in 2015 the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council (RNC WPC) established a scholarship “Golden Legacy of the World Petroleum Council" (“Golden Legacy of WPC"), which aims to identify the most talented and successful students from all over Russia. The competition is held twice a year, and students from universities of the Russian Federation studying different branches of oil and gas take part in it.