PJSC “NK “Rosneft"

Rosneft is the leader of the Russian oil industry and the largest public oil and gas corporation in the world. The main activities of PJSC “O&GC" Rosneft “are the search and exploration of hydrocarbon fields, the production of oil, gas, gas condensate, the implementation of projects for the development of offshore fields, the processing of mined raw materials, the sale of oil, gas and products of their processing in Russia and beyond its limit.

PJSC ANC Bashneft

PJSC ANC Bashneft (a subsidiary of PJSC NK Rosneft), one of the oldest enterprises of the Russian oil industry, has been mining since 1932.

The extensive oil reserves and the Company’s resource base are located in three major oil producing regions of Russia: the Volga-Ural province, Timan-Pechora and Western Siberia.

PJSC “Transneft"

Transneft is a Russian transport monopoly, an operator of Russian oil pipelines.

Transneft is the world’s largest pipeline company, owns more than 69,000 kilometers of main pipelines, more than 500 pumping stations, and about 23 million cubic meters of reservoir tanks, and the company also transports more than 85 percent of the oil produced in Russia.

JSC “Zarubezhneft"

JSC “Zarubezhneft" is a steadily developing Russian oil and gas company of strategic importance operating in the interests of the state, having a rich history and unique experience in foreign economic activity. The Company’s mission is the operation of existing oil and gas fields in Russia and abroad, ensuring the most effective and comprehensive extraction of hydrocarbon resources.

PJSC “Tatneft"

“Tatneft" is one of the largest Russian oil companies, an internationally recognized vertically integrated holding. As part of the Company’s production complex, oil and gas production, refining, petrochemicals, a tire complex and a network of filling stations are developing steadily. Tatneft also participates in the capital of companies in the financial (banking and insurance) sector.

PJSC NK “RussNeft"

“RussNeft" is a Russian oil company. PJSC O&GC “RussNeft" supplies oil both to the domestic market of Russia and to export to the near and far abroad. PJSC NK “RussNeft" carries out a constant information and marketing analysis of regional oil markets, choosing the most effective directions and bases of deliveries. PJSC O&GC “RussNeft" has earned a reputation as a reliable supplier and one of the leaders of the Russian market. The main characteristics of the Company’s work are reliability of supply and a flexible pricing system. Among the partners of the holding are the largest oil refineries of Russia and the CIS, the world’s leading traders.

PJSC “Surgutneftegaz"

PJSC Surgutneftegaz is one of the largest vertically integrated oil companies in Russia, uniting research and design, geological exploration, drilling, production units, oil and gas refining and marketing enterprises. Its activities are concentrated in Russia, on the territory from the Baltic to the Far East.

The company develops fields in three oil and gas provinces of the country – West Siberian, East Siberian and Timano-Pechora, carries out significant volumes of exploration and production drilling. Thanks to the system of collection and use of associated petroleum gas, an effective policy in the field of nature management, the company achieved record levels of utilization of APG – more than 99%.

The oil processing plant of KINEF LLC, part of PJSC Surgutneftegaz, is one of the largest in the country in terms of processing raw materials. The enterprise produces high-quality products, demanded in the domestic and world markets.

JSC “Stroytransgaz"

JSC “Stroytransgaz" is one of the largest construction companies on the territory of Russia and the CIS, founded in 1990. During the existence of the STG, it has moved from a highly specialized gas infrastructure contractor to a multidisciplinary company capable of performing large-scale turnkey projects at the world standard level.

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University) is the leading institution in the system of higher oil and gas education in Russia.

Gubkin University is a powerful national research center and a real source of manpower for the Russian oil and gas industry. According to the proportion of budget income from research, the University is in top rank among the Russian industry universities.

The 25th State Research Institute of Chemometology of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

“The 25th State Research Institute of Chemometology of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation" (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) is the only scientific institution in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the country where research is carried out in the field of chemometology and work is coordinated on the creation, testing, optimization of quality, unification , standardization, interchangeability, economy and normalization of flow, admission to production and rational use in the technology of fuels, lubricants, special liquids she and equipment petroleum products.


OAO VNIPIneft performs the following activities and renders the following services for the facilities of oil and gas producing, oil refining and gas processing industries, oil and gas chemical, chemical and fertilizer plants:

– Engineering
– Project management
– Designing
– Designer supervision services


GrozNII is the world’s first institute for activities in the field of studying oil refining. The Institute was engaged in studying the physical and chemical properties of petroleum products, conducted research in the field of oil geology, oil prospecting, deep drilling, secondary methods of reservoir development, gaslift; He studied oil and prepared them for processing, created new ones and improved existing methods and apparatuses of processing, developed indicators for designing new refineries.

A. V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis

The Institute was established as a multidisciplinary scientific institution whose main task was a comprehensive study of fossil fuels – oil, coal, shale, peat and sapropel – from the standpoint of their genesis, the conditions for the formation of deposits, composition, and physicochemical and technological properties.

The Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences was established by a joint decree-order of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the USSR of May 8, 1987, No. 77/326, pursuant to USSR Council of Ministers Ordinance No. 393p of February 23, 1987, as Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the USSR Ministry of Higher Education.

Сhemical faculty of Moscow State University

Chemistry as a scientific discipline appeared in Moscow University in the first year of its existence. Founder of the Lomonosov University, a great scientist, poet and artist, was also one of the best chemists of his time. Many generations of Russian chemists who entered the history of world science studied and taught at the chemical faculty of Moscow State University.Today, the faculty comprises 17 departments, which represent all the modern lines of chemical science and corresponding specializations, for which highly skilled chemists.