RNC of the WPC Programme Committee has a wide range of activities. These include:

  • Identification, study and discussion of geopolitical, industrial, innovative, marketing, personnel issues relevant to the Russian oil and gas industry, requiring the unification of the global professional community and development of international cooperation.
  • Examination of applications and abstracts from Russian candidates to participate in World Petroleum Congresses, other WPC and RNC of the WPC events as moderators and speakers.
  • Review plans, reports and recommendations of the public sections and the RNC of the WPC Youth Committee on matters within the Committee's competence.
  • Participation in the formation of plans and actualisation the priorities for the RNC of the WPC activities.
  • Scientific and methodological support for the preparation and conduction of scientific and practical events (seminars, conferences, etc.) by RNC of the WPC.
  • Formation and implementation of a plan for publications in industrial media dealing with topical issues on the industrial agenda, revealing the targets, content and results of the RNC of the WPC activity.
  • Preparation of proposals for the publication of one-off and periodic information and analytical products of the RNC of the WPC, participation in the formation of relevant content, involvement of leading scientists and industry specialists in relevant projects.


26.01.2022 17:13

Seven Russian representatives were elected as Forum Officers at the World Petroleum Congress

24.01.2022 14:53

RNC WPC Programme Committee: New Challenges and Benchmarks

9.11.2021 14:28

16 Russians will compete for the positions of the Forum Officers at 24th World Petroleum Congress

7.10.2021 19:57

RNC WPC held a conference on the Sustainable Development Goals

2.06.2021 14:12

Strong centre of expertise has been established at RNC of the WPC

20.01.2021 15:45

RNC of the WPC Programme Committee is chaired by Academician Nekipelov