The main activities of Russian national committee of the World Petroleum Council

  1. Representing the interests of the Russian Federation at the WPC meetings (Executive Committee, Program Committee, Youth Committee).
  2. Execution of the functions of the Executive Directorate of the 6th Future Leaders Forum of the World Petroleum Council.
  3. Expert advisory activity for oil and gas companies domestically and on behalf of Russian companies, research institutes, academies and universities abroad.
  4. Organization and conduction of events (both own and joint with other countries that are part of the WPC).
  5. Assistance to Russian oil and gas companies in promoting their projects and interests in the international arena, organizing their participation in the World Petroleum Congresses (and other WPC events).
  6. Expansion of the scope of activity of the RNC Youth Committee.
  7. Implementation of mentoring activities.
  8. Organization of internships in oil and gas companies to the best students and young professionals.
  9. Participation in the international events of Russian companies and scientific organizations representative.
  10. Publication of materials.
  11. Dissemination of information on the activities of the WPC and RNC WPC, Russian companies, research institutes, universities in the media in Russia and abroad.
  12. Charitable projects.