Partnership projects and the development of cooperation with interested organisations in various formats is an important and promising area of activity for the Association “RNC of the WPC”.

For many years, the Association has been holding joint events with Gubkin University. Our long-term partnership projects include the organisation and annual hosting of the International Youth Scientific and Practical Congress "Oil and Gas Horizons", as well as classes at the International Summer School.

The agreement made with the National Oil and Gas Forum includes joint business events, mutual information and analytical support, participation in the development and promotion of proposals aimed at enhancing the potential of Russia's oil and gas complex. The National Oil and Gas Forum is known in the industry as an authoritative platform for professional communication, and cooperation with the Forum allows the Association to expand its audience and receive up-to-date information.

The Association continues to develop its interaction with organisations from St. Petersburg, which began during the preparation of the Future Leaders Forum of the WPC (2019). Partnerships link RNC of the WPC with the St. Petersburg Education Committee and Committee on Tourism Development, the Convention Bureau, and the Talent Academy. The Association has a particularly close relationship with the Mining University and the International Competence Centre for Mining-Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO.

Cooperation with the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra, Russia's main oil production region, is developing fruitfully. A number of RNC of the WPC events are integrated into the programme of the International Youth Research and Practical Forum “Oil Capital”, organised annually by the Government of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra.

The Association cooperates with a number of industry magazines in Russia. Traditionally, the editors of partner media provide information support for events organised by RNC of the WPC. Meanwhile, the Association uses its opportunities to promote partner magazines in the professional environment.

One of the promising areas that require joint efforts and opportunities is the environmental agenda. RNC of the WPC is a partner of the VuzEkoFest Youth Festival. Together with the International Charitable Public Organisation “Biologists for Nature Conservation”, a campaign was held to improve the environmental situation in the Gulf of Finland.


8.02.2022 21:39

RNC WPC and Regional Youth Centre of Ugra deepen cooperation

30.12.2021 15:18

RNC WPC will help colleagues from Kazakhstan to prepare for the Youth Forum

17.12.2021 15:09

Association “RNC of the WPC” and Nadezhnaya Smena Foundation agreed to cooperate

7.10.2021 19:57

RNC WPC held a conference on the Sustainable Development Goals

4.10.2021 13:09

Sustainable Development Goals are in the focus of RNC WPC conference

1.10.2021 12:21

Youth session at RNC WPC Conference

29.09.2021 13:11

Participants from Bolivia will take part in RNC WPC Conference

27.09.2021 13:08

Laszlo Varro, Shell Vice President will speak at RNC WPC conference

24.09.2021 13:04

Tor Fjaeran will open RNC WPC Conference

22.09.2021 12:59

RNC of the WPC international conference programme is published