Vernadsky State Geological Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences is one of the leading natural science museums in Russia with a rich history and an extensive collection of unique exhibits. The museum is an authoritative educational centre in the field of geology and mining, actively engaged in the popularisation of science.

The museum's collections have been forming over 250 years. There is a systematic mineralogical collection featuring all classes of minerals, from native elements to nitrates, borates and organic salts. In total there are about 1,100 mineral species from more than five thousand different places. Besides stone materials, the museum collections include written sources for the museum items: articles and monographs with descriptions of particular specimens and collections, manuscripts and published materials on the history of the museum and its collections. The museum has collected, and partly developed independently, extensive information resources, including databases, cartographic materials in the form of geoinformation projects, text, bibliographic materials, etc.

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