World Petroleum Council Expert Workshops

World Petroleum Council announced two Expert Workshops free of charge that will be held as webinars.

The programme of the first workshop includes 4 webcasts on 26-29th May, 2020. It is dedicated to the discussion on Oil and Gas Industry as Key Players in the Energy Transition. It is held by World Petroleum Council Netherlands National Committee with the support of KPMG and Shell.

Different aspects of the topic will be discussed using projects in the North Sea as an example. This unique area placed in North West Europe is interesting to from the point of learning how to use various business models, political and innovative solutions that are able to put the world on track towards a rapid and effective energy transition.

It is planned to discuss the following issues in detail:

  • Oil and Gas key players in the Energy transition: Old meets New (26 May)
  • Strategies for Wind and Solar Power Hubs to Green Hydrogen (27 May)
  • Critical success factors for new start-up business models and technologies in large corporates (28 May)
  • “Blue Hydrogen” a Carbon Neutral Natural Gas (29 May)

During the webinar participants will be able to ask questions and get answers. You can participate either in separate sessions or in all the events of the workshop.

Please follow the link to find the programme and sign up for the workshop.

Within the framework of the second WPC Expert Workshop that will be also held as a webinar, Energy Investment and Innovation as well as Strategic Challenges for an Industry in Transition will be considered. The workshop organised by the UK National Committee of the World Petroleum Council with the support of the Energy Institute and Shell will be held on 2nd June.

The discussion where authoritative energy and finance experts are going to take part will be focused on the following topics:

  • how will the current situation affect the global energy sector and the pace of energy transition?
  • what changes will we see in the economy of the oil and gas and energy sectors?
  • how will the new realities affect company strategies, long-term investments and financing of all segments of the energy sector?
  • how will the industry recover from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and the fall of energy markets?
  • how can investment and financial strategies consider and reduce the impact of COVID-19 as well as the risk of climate change?
  • what energy technologies may prove to be the most beneficial in the future?

Please follow the link to find the programme and sign up for the workshop.