Mentoring programme by RNC of the WPC in action

The Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council summed up the results of the competitive selection of students and young professionals of the country's oil and gas industry to participate in the Mentoring programme. The participants of the programme are 45 young representatives of specialized universities and oil and gas companies. All of them are divided into 8 groups, each of which has its own mentor. Each of the mentors has a high professional qualification and extensive practical experience, including such companies and organisations as Gazprom Neft, Zarubezhneft, VNIIneft. Mentees in the current Mentoring programme represent 15 companies and 12 universities in the industry. 25 of them are young men and 20 are young women.

During the year young participants of the Mentoring programme will be in regular contact with the mentors. This will help them with career development and education. Mentor's advice will help them understand many of the issues that arise in practice – from discussing the benefits of technological innovations and effective work organisation to practical recommendations for building relationships in the team.

The first meetings of mentors with young mentees have already been held. Programme participants met, talked to group members and identified topics for discussion during the next meetings, taking into account the wishes of young professionals.

The Mentoring programme of the World Petroleum Council is aimed at supporting young professionals, strengthening professional continuity, and creating atmosphere of mutual understanding and cooperation in the labor collectives. The Russian National Committee of the WPC is responsible for the implementation of the same programme in our country, which has gained popularity and proved to be highly effective.