RNC of the WPC organised a case marathon for high school students

On 25th April the three-month case marathon organised by RNC of the WPC for participants of “EnerGenious” Winter School started. The programme of the case marathon is focused on consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge received by high school students at classes of Winter School, development of teamwork skills and the solution of practical problems.

Case marathon is held in the format of a business game, combined with online training. All participants are divided into several teams, consisting of 5-6 participants. In the course of the business game each team offers its own option of implementing a common project. In this case study it is an offshore oil and gas field development project.

Tasks of the programme are similar to the tasks that are solved by specialists in the real environment in accordance with the methodology of the leading companies in the industry. Each team is assigned mentors who advise the participants, draw analogies with real offshore field development projects, assess team performance, and are in constant contact with their mentees.

The remote part of the case marathon is divided into three phases (Assess, Select, Define), similar to the phases of a large offshore field development project that is being implemented in reality. At the end of each stage, the reports of the work performed are presented, and the jury makes estimates based on which the winner team and the participants who have distinguished themselves in individual performance will be named at the end of the marathon.

During the final on site stage corresponding to the Execute phase, each team will build a maquette of the facility, considering time and budget limits, seeking to achieve or even improve the targets defined during the distance working period.

Case marathon is held by RNC of the WPC with the support of Executive Authorities of KhMAO – Ugra and Saint Petersburg, Gubkin University and Saint Petersburg Mining University,

International Competence Centre for Mining-Engineering Education Under the Auspices of UNESCO.

Teams of the programme participants were formed from high school students of St. Petersburg, Nizhnevartovsk and Izluchinsk (KhMAO – Ugra), who were trained in “EnerGenious” Winter Schools by RNC of the WPC in Nizhnevartovsk (February 17 – 21, 2020) and Stavanger, Norway (March 2 – 6, 2020).