The Council is the governing body of the World Petroleum Council which convenes once a year. Its global membership elects the President and an Executive Committee every three years to develop and execute its strategy. The Council also selects the host country for the next World Petroleum Congress from the candidate countries. To ensure the scientific and topical quality of the event the Council elects a Congress Programme Committee whose members are responsible for delivering the high-level content for its Congresses.

The Secretariat of the World Petroleum Council is based in London, led by the Director General and his dedicated team.

Executive committee

urrent members of the WPC Executive Committee (from July 2017 to 2020):

Congress Programme committee

Every three years the Council elects the Congress Programme Committee (CPC) for the next Congress cycle. National Committees can nominate senior experts from their countries and the Council selects 11 candidates, leaving the WPC Vice President for the Programme and Chair of the CPC to appoint additional members to provide a good balance of expertise, gender and geography.

The Council decided to elect all nominations so the CPC members for the 23rd World Petroleum Congress cycle are:

Young professionals committee

The WPC Young Professionals Committee was set up in 2006 in response to the serious shortage of young talented employees to replace the ranks of experienced professionals about to leave the industry. The committee is intended to promote a realistic image of the petroleum industry amongst the youth together with its challenges and opportunities. It has also created a collaborative and global forum for young people to be heard and new ideas to be championed.

In order to better engage with the target audience of young professionals and students the WPC Youth Committee was re-named WPC Young Professionals in 2015.

Encouraging unconventional thinking

“It is important that young people are at the forefront of resolving this issue as they are the ones who will inherit this industry and should be involved in crafting its future” said the WPC President.

The main focus areas of the WPC Young Professionals Committee include the creation of a strong network, the set-up of an effective communication plan, the definition of a sustainable strategy for the young professionals committee and a strong presence at major activities of the WPC and in other areas of the industry.

At the 22nd World Petroleum Congress in Istanbul in July 2017 the Council affirmed the new members of the WPC Youth Committee for the cycle 2017 – 2020 which have been nominated by their National Committees. The members of the WPC Young Professionals are: