The 6th Future Leaders Forum has issued own journal
The first issue of the “Future leaders” journal, which is being published by the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council, was put out as a periodical printed publication of the 6th Youth Forum of WPC.

The issue includes interviews, industry reviews, thematic news, and materials that reveal the details of the preparation for the Future Leaders Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg in June 2019

The core publication of the issue was an exclusive interview with the President of the World Petroleum Council Tor Fjaeran. Answering the editorial questions, Mr. Fjaeran shared his observations on the processes taking place in the global energy and in oil and gas sector in particular, on the role and features of the adaptation of young professionals. The interlocutor noted that he was impressed by the way Russia is preparing for the 6th Future Leaders Forum. The WPC President highlighted that such platforms are of great practical importance, as they “provide good prerequisites for the formation of the world energy future, combining the abilities and passion of students, young professionals, and emerging industry leaders. ”

In an interview with the Chair of the Young Professionals Committee of WPC Stéphane Rousselet the details of the Technical Programme of the forthcoming Youth Forum in Saint- Petersburg are disclosed. Stéphane Rousselet spoke about the topical issues that will determine the sectoral agenda in the foreseeable future. In particular, Stéphane noted that “expansion of the use of digital technologies will be one of the most significant strategic priorities that determine the future of the oil and gas industry.”

The North Sea turned out to be almost the first oil and gas province, the active phase of life of which – from the first well to the organically stable decline in production – took place within sight of the living generation. The half-century anniversary of the discovery of the first fields in the basin, which will take place in 2019, will inevitably be accompanied by reports of the mass decommissioning of the fields that have ended up. However, the region remains a testing ground for active exploration; the North Sea’s resources, which major energy companies are leaving, are actively being acquired by independent companies of a smaller scale. This offers prospects for a maritime region with a glorious past. The situation is addressed in more detail in the analytical article of the reviewer Olga Vinogradova “North Sea: fresh wind instead of sunset”.

The first issue of the journal contains a lot of information about the 6th Future Leaders Forum. The issue published a draft Technical Programme. Marat Tukhvatullin, head of the Volunteer Programme of the 6th Future Leaders Forum of the WPC, tells about the traditions of the volunteer movement and the training of a new international team of volunteer assistants. “We decided to publish a journal to draw attention to the Future Leaders Forum in St. Petersburg and to issue materials on the current industry topics that precede the course of future discussions,” explained Vlada Streletskaya, Director of the Russian National Committee of the WPC. – Perhaps this is the first in the world experience of publishing an oil and gas journal for young people.

I think that the journal, which is addressed particularly to young professionals, will be useful and interesting for them. It is possible that we will continue to issue the journal as an industry publication for young people after the 6th Future Leaders Forum.”

The electronic version of the journal is available on the website!