Future Leaders Forum: 100 days before the start
There are only 100 days left before the start of the 6th Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council - Future Leaders Forum. This unique platform for professional communication of young specialists in the oil and gas industry will start on June 23 in Saint - Petersburg. 
One of the core elements of the WPC youth forums are youth technical sessions, during which young men and women from different countries present the results of their own research. The speakers of the youth technical sessions, which will be held this summer in St. Petersburg, are selected for the first time on a competitive basis. By decision of the organizing committee, they will become delegates to the Forum without paying a registration fee. 

Another large group of Forum participants exempt from paying the registration fee is volunteers. Members of this multinational team are also selected on a competitive basis. Applications were received from 368 applicants from 31 countries of the world. For each place - three applicants. Individual interviews are now being completed, based on the results of which members of the volunteer team will be selected. The organizers strive to draw up their work schedules so that there is enough time left for visiting business and cultural events, and communication with the Forum participants. 

In addition to communication with peers, participation in the Forum of future leaders allows you to discuss industry issues with renowned representatives of the global oil and gas industry. The list of the speakers is just being formed. Among those who confirmed their participation were Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and his deputy Pavel Sorokin, President of the World Petroleum Council Thor Fjaeran, Assistant Head of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov, Chairman of the Board, General Director of Gazprom Neft PJSC Alexander Dukov, President and Head of Shell Representative Office in Russia, Cederic Cremers, Chairman of Corex Salamanca Pedro Miras. 
Taking into account limited financial resources of the young guests, the organizers made efforts to make the registration fee extremely budget friendly for the participants. Under these conditions, a key role in financing the Forum is given to sponsorship. So far, the Forum has received the financial help from RussNeft (platinum sponsor), LUKOIL and Tatneft (gold sponsors), NOVATEK (sponsor). It is expected that in the near future sponsorship agreements will be signed with several more Russian and foreign oil and gas companies. 

“100 days before the opening is for us, the organizers, in fact, the final stage,” said Vlada Streletskaya, director of the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council. - “Much has been done, but there is also a lot of work ahead. It is necessary to take into account every little thing to hold a Forum of future leaders at a high level. We have experience and all possibilities for this. The most important thing is that a lot of people and organizations are involved in the preparatory work and work as a one part.