Latest issue of Future Leaders Magazine

We are glad to present the June issue of the Future Leaders magazine, published by the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council. As always, the magazine has a lot of relevant and interesting information about the oil and gas industry, young people with ambitions of future leaders.

Just before the 6th WPC Youth Forum, the organizers of the event held a press conference, where they provided many interesting details about the situation in the industry and special features of the Future Leaders Forum, which will be held in St. Petersburg. So, it was stated that the workers of the oil and gas industry are getting younger, and it provides a requirement to consider more young professionals when taking management decisions. Another news is that the Forum in St. Petersburg will feature the most diverse business program in the history of the World Petroleum Council youth forums – 140 speakers from 40 countries.

You can enjoy an interview with Anatoly Zolotukhin, the senior vice president of the World Petroleum Council. The main topic of conversation – are changes in the professional training of young people, interaction between generations, the main challenges in the oil and gas industry, and industry prospects. The interviewer told us about the activities of the World Petroleum Council and the expectations associated with the Forum of Future Leaders.

The magazine continues to publish interviews with young specialists from around the world about the trends in the oil and gas industry and the challenges to be addressed by the future industry leaders.

Jinsok Sung, another young specialist from South Korea, prepared for our magazine a review on the role and place of East Asia in the global crude oil market.

The program of the 6th WPC Youth Forum includes a ShellNXpiorers seminar, where you can learn to find positive answers to complex questions. The magazine provides interesting details about this educational program. This issue also offers readers an on-site excursion to Hebron offshore platform in the North Atlantic.

An electronic version of the June issue of the Future Leaders magazine is available at Forum participants can get a magazine in the FLF Mediazone.