The Forum of Future Leaders of the WPC began its work

The 6th Forum of Future Leaders of the World Petroleum Council began its work at the site of the multifunctional international student complex "Gorny" of the St. Petersburg Mining University. Young professionals and top managers of large companies were welcomed by Valentina Matvienko, Chair of the Federation Council, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Alexander Novak, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, Tor Fjaeran, President of the World Petroleum Council, and Kirill Molodtsov, Assistant Head of the Presidential Administration, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of VI WPC Youth Forum.

“We give young people motivation. This is very important, because a student or a university graduate a without motivation is the same as a bird without wings. It is precisely motivation, focus on success that allows you to make scientific and technological breakthroughs, solve strategic tasks for a company, an industry, and a country, and grow professionally. Those who are sitting in this meeting room today will soon determine the vector of the development of the world economy, search for and explore new deposits, increase the oil recovery factor, develop the Arctic and the shelf. I am sure that your potential will form the basis of a successful career and will definitely be realized”, addressed Vladimir Litvinenko, the rector of the University of Mines. After that he provided a speech opportunity to Valentina Matvienko, Chair of the Federation Council, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Russia has never used energy resources as levers of economic and political pressure and does not intend to do so in the future. The speaker of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, made such a statement at the opening of the forum of future leaders of the World Petroleum Council.

"I want to emphasize that Russia has never used and will not use its energy resources and capabilities as levers of economic or political pressure. We expect that common sense will prevail in the long run, because a violation of free trade principles effects ordinary citizens but not the politicians", said Matvienko.

“It is very difficult to overestimate the role of the oil and gas industry, since it continues to be the driver of the development of the domestic economy. Despite the development of alternative energy, in the near future, hydrocarbons will remain equally in demand, so you have a lot of work ahead. Including in the field of minimization of anthropogenic emissions, land reclamation. Careful attitude to nature will be of more and more important every next year”, added Matvienko.

The main theme of the forum this year is the transformation of the fuel and energy complex. Participants discuss what issues will be facing executives in the next decades, namely digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence. Alexander Novak, the head of the Ministry of Energy is sure that in the future the peak of oil consumption will pass. But in the medium term, petrochemicals and the transport sector will ensure growth in demand for these raw materials.

"For us, this event is very important, we have been preparing for it for a long time. Oil and gas experts will discuss all topics on the future development of the oil and gas industry, on the technologies that will be used. Perhaps young people will work out proposals that will be taken into account in energy development in countries which are the leaders in this industry ", the Minister noted.

Mr. Novak also urged young people to strive for constructive cooperation with colleagues from various countries in the world, since it allows them to find mutual understanding and reduce uncertainty. As one of the most successful examples of building partnerships in the oil industry, he called the OPEC + deal, which helped stabilize the markets and get rid of excessive volatility.