Vladimir Feigin

Vladimir Feigin, a talented scientist, authoritative expert in the field of energy economics, energy analysis and forecasting, gas and oil industry of Russia and the world, passed away.

Vladimir headed the Programme Committee of the Russian National Committee of the WPC, was the official representative of the Russian Federation in the Congress Programme Committee of the World Petroleum Council. He took an active part in forming the actual agenda of the World Petroleum Congresses, made a significant contribution to strengthening the authority of the Russian oil and gas industry and development of international cooperation.

Vladimir Feigin paid much attention to the issues of training and professional development of young professionals in the oil and gas industry, generously shared his knowledge and experience. He played a significant role in the preparation and successful holding of the VI Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council – Future Leaders Forum, held in June 2019 in St. Petersburg.

Vladimir Feigin was appreciated by Russian National Committee of the WPC not only for his extensive knowledge and the highest professionalism, but also for his outstanding human qualities – kindness, responsiveness, principality and optimism. Bright memory of Vladimir Feigin, gratitude for help and support will forever remain in our hearts.