RNC of the WPC Youth Committee has studied the PetroStage platform audience

In order to study career preferences of students studying for oil and gas specialties and to find opportunities for optimisation of their professional growth processes, RNC of the WPC Youth Committee conducted a survey. It was attended by 162 students from 38 Universities and 14 countries. The international composition of the respondents made it possible to identify both typical requests and difficulties for the modern generation of young professionals in the industry, as well as regional features. The main emphasis was placed on the position of Russian students; the participation of their foreign peers provided opportunities for comparison and a more comprehensive analysis.

In the course of the survey, it was confirmed that the most acute and difficult problems for graduates of specialised Universities are getting an internship and employment in accordance with the chosen specialty. The survey participants confirmed the relevance of creating an information platform that accumulates data on internships organised by Russian and foreign specialised companies. It testifies to the demand for the PetroStage information platform being developed with the participation of the RNC of the WPC Youth Committee. The survey materials will help adjust the PetroStage platform to the needs of its target audience more accurately.

More details about the survey results can be found in the analysis posted on the website:www.rus-petroleum.ru/en/poll/264-bringing-together-the-interests-of-companies-and-universities.html