From Future Leaders Forum to “Energy league”

The CongressTime magazine (No.2 for 2020) published an article by Vlada Streletskaya, Director of the RNC of the WPC, dedicated to the Association's participation in training and support of young professionals in the oil and gas industry.

The article notes that the results of the VI Youth Forum of the WPC – Future Leaders Forum, held by RNC of the WPC in June 2019 in St. Petersburg, revealed the exceptional importance of systematic work with young people for the industry. The RNC of WPC decided to develop the experience gained during the preparation of the Forum. Specialists of the Association have created a comprehensive programme "Energy League". Its main idea is to attract talented and enterprising young people to the industry, to assist their professional training and career growth.

The article describes in detail the experience of conducting classes at “EnerGenious” Winter Schools. The effectiveness of this format of professional orientation of high school students is shown by concrete examples.

In order to encourage outstanding students and post-graduates in study and research work RNC of the WPC established a scholarship "Golden Legacy of the WPC" back in 2015. Over the years, it has established a reputation of a significant award in the student community.

Another effective direction of RNC of the WPC youth policy, about which it is spoken in article, became mentoring programme. It is noted that participation in the programme helps young people understand many professional issues arising in practice.

Leading companies of the industry and administrations of a number of regions contribute to the preparation and implementation of the "Energy League" project events. Such support convinces that RNC of the WPC youth project is very important and up-to-date. And it is a strong argument in favor of further development of the programme focused on involving the best representatives of modern youth in the industry, creating favorable conditions for their professional training and career growth.

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