The Russian National Committee and the World Petroleum Council signed a contract on the possibility of holding the 6th Future Leaders Forum in St. Petersburg
On April 13, 2018 in Oslo, Official Ceremony of signing a contract between the RNC WPC Association and the WPC was held to organize the 6th Future Leaders Forum in St. Petersburg.

The Ceremony was attended by the Director of the Association “Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council for the Organization and Holding of World Petroleum Congresses” Vlada Streletskaya and President of the World Petroleum Council Thor Fyaeran.

The contract provides possibility for the RNC WPC to decide the approval of the program, the choice of the topic and the problems of the Forum, the establishment of the Organizing Committee. The Secretariat of the World Petroleum Council provides consulting support for the event.

The 6th Future Leaders Forum of the World Petroleum Council will be held from 23 to 28 June 2019 at the site of the multifunctional international student complex “Mining” of the St. Petersburg Mining University.

The Forum is one of the central events in the oil and gas industry and is held every three years in one of the 70 countries that are members of the World Petroleum Council.

The Forum is a unique platform for the exchange of experience, up-to-date information and advanced achievements of the oil and gas industry. The audience of the Forum includes about 2000 young specialists, students and post-graduate students. This event gives participants the opportunity to share their experience in solving strategic problems facing the industry, and to strengthen interaction and establish contacts with world leaders in the oil and gas sector.

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